Uncertainty Estimates for Parameters used for Dose Calculations from Atmospheric Releases of 131I at SRS from 1955-1961


A. A. Simpkins, D. Hamby


During the 1950's, atmospheric release of 131I was one of the largest contributors to offsite dose at the Savannah River Site (SRS). Offsite dose is calculated for the following pathways: inhalation; ingestion of milk, meat, and vegetables; and plume and ground shine. Many parameters with wide ranges of uncertainty are used to estimate the dose for each of these pathways. Uncertainties are estimated for the period of 1955-1961 for each parameter. The years 1955-1961 were chosen since greater than 95% of the 131I released at SRS occurred during this time period. Historical data was accessed where possible and parameter uncertainty estimates from other DOE sites were used as appropriate. More stringent research was given to the vegetable pathway parameters since this represents a majority of the dose and this pathway is discussed here. All parameter uncertainties were combined to represent a transfer factor that is independent of air concentration and the dose conversion factor.


This abstract was presented at the 35th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration", Poster Session, 2/17/2002 - 2/20/2002, held in Orlando, FL.

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