Decommissioning a Large Hospital/Biomedical Research Building


M. Martz, K. Knight, R. Grunewald, R. Yoss


In August 2000, Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital (FMLH) completely demolished three buildings (from the former Milwaukee County Medical Complex, including the main hospital) that housed clinical services and biomedical research laboratories for a 600-bed hospital and medical school. Staff of the FMLH Office of Radiation Safety (ORS) conducted decommissioning activities and obtained Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval for unrestricted release using the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM). An extensive survey was performed of building surfaces using liquid scintillation counting and a portable beta scintillation instrument. Sewer piping residues were collected at numerous locations and sent to a commercial laboratory for analysis. Contamination levels were compared to limits derived using MARSSIM methodology and previously published release limits. This report concludes that a decommissioning project of this scale can be reasonably accomplished by in-house staff and recommends that certain records of radioactive material use be maintained until license termination.


This abstract was presented at the 35th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration", Poster Session, 2/17/2002 - 2/20/2002, held in Orlando, FL.

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