MARSSIM versus DOE Order 5400.5: The Final Status Survey at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site


S. J. Roberts, J. Stevens


The Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement (RFCA) (DOE 1996) was approved on 19 July 1996. This document represents a legally-binding, multi-agency philosophy on the path forward for the decommissioning of the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology site (RFETS). The agreement, developed per discussions between the Department of Energy (DOE), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), provides a method for the effective and efficient cleanup and establishes the oversight responsibilities among the agencies. Eight major objectives were identified in the RFCA, including the disposition of fissile material and transuranic waste, waste management, water quality, cleanup guidelines, land use, environmental monitoring, building disposition, and mortgage reduction. This paper will focus on the development and implementation of the cleanup guidelines, specifically the final status survey program.


This abstract was presented at the 35th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration", MARSSIM 1 Session, 2/17/2002 - 2/20/2002, held in Orlando, FL.

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