The Use of InSitu Gamma Spectroscopy to Save Time, Dose, and Money in Operating Nuclear Facilities


F. Bronson


InSitu gamma spectroscopy has been successfully used for decommissioning surveys and environmental remediation surveys for many years. With the recent advancements in technology of very portable and reliable Ge detectors, high quality digital Multi Channel Analyzers (MCAs), and mathematical efficiency calibration algorithms that are fast and accurate, this technology is now available to operating nuclear facilities. InSitu spectroscopy can give near-instantaneous results, and therefore allow prompt decisions to be made while the equipment is in the field. Frequently, new or unusual tasks have too much personnel protection required based upon a lack of knowledge of what might be encountered. This may cause the work to take longer, and increase the dose, rather than reduce it. The availability of nuclide-specific quantitative activity, rather than just gross count or dose-rate information can allow better decisions to be made by the plant HP to define the optimum amount of personnel protection for the job.


This abstract was presented at the 34th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Radiation Safety and ALARA Considerations for the 21st Century", Other/Power Reactor Innovations Session, 2/4/2001 - 2/7/2001, held in Anaheim, CA.

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