The Benefit Dose Ratio Method of Dose Optimization - An Alternative to the Cost Detriment Model


V. E. Anderson


Dose optimization is used as the major element in determining that radiation doses are or are not expected to be as low as reasonable achievable (ALARA). The normal method of performing dose optimization is to use the cost detriment model. In this model, the detriment of receiving an ionizing radiation dose is expressed in dollars per sievert (dollars per rem). The philosophical problem of equating fatal cancers with money has been a weak point of this method. This paper deals with a method whereby the benefit of the task is related to the dose as a ratio. By comparing ratios for different approaches to the same task, one can arrive at the optimum (ALARA) method, thus avoiding ethical and other questions involved with assigning a dollar value to a give radiation exposure.


This abstract was presented at the 34th Annual Midyear Meeting, "Radiation Safety and ALARA Considerations for the 21st Century", ALARA Session, 2/4/2001 - 2/7/2001, held in Anaheim, CA.

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