Software Application for the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM)


E. W. Abelquist, T. J. Bauer


The Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) is a consensus document prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Department of Defense to provide consistent methods for conducting radiation surveys and investigations at potentially contaminated sites. It is targeted toward the final status survey – which demonstrates that release criteria for the cleanup of radiologically contaminated land and structures have been satisfied. The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education has developed a software application, which runs on Microsoft Access, as a means of enhancing the MARSSIM learning experience and supplementing the MARSSIM training course.


This abstract was presented at the 33rd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry", Survey Protocols Session, 1/30/2000 - 2/2/2000, held in Virginia Beach, VA.

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