Radiation Instrument Training for New RSOs- Defending the Quality of Measurements


R. H. Johnson, Jr.


Radiation instrument training for new Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) includes several challenges. The first challenge is to decide which instrument to use for a particular purpose. The second involves the procedures for using the instrument to acquire the data. The third challenge is to answer the question, "How so you know if the data are any good?" To address these challenges, the agenda for a 40-hour class for new RSOs includes about 11 hours on the principles and operation of ion chambers, microR meters, proportional counters, Geiger Mueller detectors, and solid and liquid scintillation detectors, and statistics and quality assurance.


This abstract was presented at the 33rd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry", QA/QC Session, 1/30/2000 - 2/2/2000, held in Virginia Beach, VA.

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