Audio, Video and Dosimetric Control System


W.C. Peoples


Independent audio, video, and dosimetric control capabilities integrated into a single active monitoring and data management system provide live sensory data that enables the technician and supervisor to make real time corrections for dose or work control. Automated monitoring and date management will improve operating performance, radiological safety and reduce cost. An Audio, Video and Dosimetric Control System (AVDCS) is a system comprised of sensory devices, a data network, local and centralized display consoles, hazard prioritization and data management software that provides active monitoring of tasks performed in a radiological environment.


This abstract was presented at the 33rd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry", Electronic Dosimetry Session, 1/30/2000 - 2/2/2000, held in Virginia Beach, VA.

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