The Use of a Neutron Spectrometer to Establish Neutron Personnel Dosimetry Facility Correction Factors


T. R. Sullivan


At DOE facilities, 10 CFR 835, Occupational Radiation Protection, requires the use of Quality Factors for determining dose equivalent from absorbed dose. For facilities where the neutron spectrum is well characterized, Quality Factors from NCRP Report No. 38, Table 2 may be used to determine neutron dose equivalent. At the Savannah River Site, A Rotating Neutron Spectrometer (ROSPEC) manufactured by Bubble Technology Incorporated, is used to characterize the neutron spectra and to calculate neutron dose for an area. ROSPEC can accurately measure neutron dose contribution from 70 keV to 4.5 MeV neutrons. The site uses the Panasonic UD-809 thermoluminescent dosimeter to measure and assign personnel neutron dose. To increase the accuracy of the UD-809, the ROSPEC is used in conjunction with phantom mounted UD-809 TLDs to derive a facility correction factor (FCF) for each facility. FCFs are based on the ratio of the ROSPEC to UD-809 dose. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the methods used to perform neutron dose and spectral studies and the determination of FCFs.


This abstract was presented at the 33rd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry", Abstracts Session, 1/30/2000 - 2/2/2000, held in Virginia Beach, VA.

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