Improving Gross Alpha/Beta Counter Throughout with Count to MDA and Windowless Detectors


J. Sonewald, G. Watson, T. Hill, P. Cole


Gross alpha/beta counting systems are commonly used to analyze air, solid, and liquid samples fro radioactive contamination. These systems are reliable and easy to use, but suffer from relatively low counting efficiency. Using a proportional detector without an entrance window gives an immediate increase in counting efficiency, with a corresponding decrease in count time to meet the required sensitivity level. Counting systems with a count to pre-set sensitivity feature adjust counting time for each sample, based on sample metrics instead of counting each sample for average or worst case times. Combining windowless detector technology and count to pre-set sensitivity results in a substantial increase in sample throughput.


This abstract was presented at the 33rd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry", Abstracts Session, 1/30/2000 - 2/2/2000, held in Virginia Beach, VA.

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