Site Characterization at the Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants


C. R. Dulin, J. B. O'Connell, R. F. Winterfield


Site characterization of the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) gaseous diffusion plants has been performed to meet certain requirements of 10 CFR 20, as incorporated by reference into 10 CFR 76, Certification of Gaseous Diffusion Plants. This activity serves as a basis for radiological postings and to place radiological materials in these former U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities under appropriate controls with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as regulator. Characterization involves surveys of indoor and outdoor facilities, equipment, materials, tools, and 770+ acres of land composed of ground, roads, and parking areas. A new approach was developed to monitor large areas for beta emitters on site. Six-foot-wide towed arrays of gas proportional counters were utilized. These systems used GPS and ultrasonic devices to provide location data that were incorporated electronically with the monitoring data in a computerized database. Post-processing was then used to extract net monitoring results of the site from raw data containing both "normal" background and significant shine contributors near large uranium cylinder storage areas. Multiple-level contamination maps were generated from this database.


This abstract was presented at the 32nd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Creation and Future Legacy of Stockpile Stewardship Isotope Production, Applications, and Consumption", Poster Session, 1/24/1999 - 1/27/1999, held in Albuquerque, NM.

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