Optimizing the Utilization of 99Mo for Production of Terminally Sterilized 99mTc Generators at a Major Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility


J. R. Laferriere, D. J. Brown, J. F. Josaphat, F. E. Roy


The Medical Imaging Division of DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company is the leading manufacturer of Tc-99m generators in the U.S. Tc-99m is the radionuclide of choice for diagnostic imaging, with tens of thousands of Tc-99m procedures performed daily. The TechneLite™ Generator uses an alumina column to bind Mo-99, which decays to Tc-99m. The Tc-99m does not bind to the alumina and can be eluted from the column with a sterile saline solution for utilization in a variety of important diagnostic nuclear medicine applications, including Miraluma™, a new breast imaging agent. The production planning, manufacturing, and distribution process for the TechneLite™ Generator is highly computerized and automated compared to earlier generator designs. It allows for rapid manufacture and distribution, reducing decay losses of Mo-99 significantly. Automation has also resulted in reduced operator exposures and improved contamination control. When interruption of our primary Mo-99 supply appears likely, multiple processes are implemented in an effort to minimize the impact on our customers, so that potentially lifesaving diagnostic procedures can continue to be performed.


This abstract was presented at the 32nd Annual Midyear Meeting, "Creation and Future Legacy of Stockpile Stewardship Isotope Production, Applications, and Consumption", Isotope Production, Applications, and Safety Session, 1/24/1999 - 1/27/1999, held in Albuquerque, NM.

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