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American National Standard N13.32-2008

Performance Testing of Extremity Dosimeters

N13.32 CoverThis American National Standard is intended to provide the criteria for acceptable performance and standardized testing conditions for personnel extremity dosimetry services. The methodology and criteria presented in this standard provide the performance evaluation basis for extremity dosimeters. It applies to the processing of personnel dosimeters that will be used for determination of absorbed dose or dose equivalent to the extremities. The standard is specific to dosimeters that are used for extremity monitoring. It is applicable for dosimetry performed for health protection under low-dose and high-dose level conditions. Test categories, test irradiation ranges, and acceptable levels of performance are specified in this standard.

Appendices provide information on procedures to determine the lower limit of detectability and calibration procedures used for various radiation fields that will be referenced to source fields standardized by NIST.

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