Health Physics News

July 2006

The July 2006 issue of Health Physics News has 32 pages.

  • COVER — Brian Dodd is prepared to lead the Health Physics Society into its next 50 years as he becomes president of the Society at the 2006 Annual Meeting in Providence. Brian shares his ideas and thoughts about the HPS and health physics.
  • PAST PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — President Ruth McBurney's presidential year has sailed by – she sums up her year and feels like she has sailed the seven Cs.
  • EDITORIAL — Mark Maiello attended a nuclear terrorist conference in New York City – the topic was medical response to an urban nuclear detonation. A member of the audience wondered if all of the research and planning would be worth it. Will there be resources to apply and doctors to apply them?
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Connolly continues his discussion about "lobby reform."
  • AGENCY NEWS — Nils J. Diaz retires as NRC Chair and Dale E. Klein takes over.
  • NOTES — Dade Moeller earns a prestigious award from Harvard.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The Awards Committee announces the HPS award recipients.
  • ELMER AND THE BIG STRINGER — Another fun story written by Ken Miller.
  • INDEX — The January-June 2006 author and subject index
  • CHP CORNER — Jim Yusko tells what is available on the AAHP website.
    • Gary Lautenschlager has graphed the last 10 years of the reported average CHP salary.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — This month's Archives article is about a gas flow proportional counter for alpha counting.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 10 display ads, 16 short courses, and 5 jobs are offered this month.

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