Health Physics News

May 2006

The May 2006 issue of Health Physics News has 32 pages and includes the 2007 Midyear Call for Papers Insert.

  • COVER — This month we continue our feature of the still-living past presidents and the current president of the Health Physics Society. These men and women have built upon the foundation set in place by the earlier presidents and have been instrumental in moving the Society forward year by year.
  • NUCLEAR TESTING ARCHIVE — This article informs readers that the Nuclear Testing Archive in Las Vegas offers more than 375,000 documents relating to human radiation experiments by the AEC and DoD and over 335,000 documents addressing the US nuclear testing program.
  • FDNY AND THE HPS — New York City fireman Rich Schlueck tells of his experience with the HPS and the ATE feature on the HPS website.
  • NOTES — Ninni Jacob and Bob Scott, LAC Cochairs for the 2006 HPS Annual Meeting, invite HPS members to Providence this summer to close out the 50th anniversary celebration that started last year in Spokane.
    • The 40th Midyear Meeting is coming to Knoxville in January 2007.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — A story about turning personal defeat into a personal triumph
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — The 17th American Statistical Association's Conference on Radiation and Health will be held 18-21 June 2006 in Pacific Grove, California.
    • Washington State University acquires papers of Sidney Marks.
  • HPS STANDARDS CORNER — The ANSI Z136 Committee met in Rockville, Maryland, 16 March 2006.
  • NCRP — NCRP releases Commentary No. 19.
  • CHP CORNER — An AAHP Special Session will be held at the annual meeting in Providence this summer.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — This month's Archives article is about the "Nuclear Chocolate" Bar.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 11 display ads, 13 short courses, and 9 jobs are offered this month.

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