Health Physics News

October 2005

The October 2005 issue of Health Physics News has 32 pages and includes information on the 2006 Midyear and Annual Meetings and the 2006 HPS Student Fellowship and Travel Grant Forms.

  • COVER — The series of "The Birth of the HPS: A Look Back" is continued. This month Health Physics News interviews Dade Moeller on the forming of the ABHP.
  • HPS/OAS AND THE ENERGY ACT — Scott Kirk summarizes the Society's involvement in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.
  • VBDR — The Veterans' Advisory Board on Dose Reconstruction has been formed.
  • LASER STRIKES ON AIRCRAFT — Ben Edwards tells us what's going on here.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Letters from David L. Horn, Richard V. Osborne, and Geoffrey Stapleton.
  • NOTES — HPS National Service Awards were presented to Ralph Andersen, Charles Roessler, and Scott Kirk.
    • HPS members receive NIH grants to improve human phantoms and dosimetry.
    • Summer School 2006 will be held at Brown University in Providence.
  • OUTSIDE THE CORNER OFFICE — James Hylko writes about the Entrepreneurial Paradox.
  • CHP CORNER — Professional Standards and Ethics Committee Chair Carol Berger informs readers what the committee has been doing the past year.
  • HPS 39TH MIDYEAR MEETINGIt's time to register.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — This month's Archives article is on the GE Radiation Monitor from the early 1950s.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 11 display ads, 14 short courses, and 2 jobs are offered this month.

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