Health Physics News

April 2005

The April 2005 issue of Health Physics News has 28 pages and includes the 2006 Midyear Call for Papers.

  • COVER — At the 2005 Midyear Meeting held in February in New Orleans, David LePoire gave a continuing education lecture on "Nanotechnology and Health Physics." In this month's cover story Le Poire discusses how his involvement with nanotechnology came to be and his ideas for how nanotechnology can be used in the future.
    • Health Physicist Kevin Nelson gives his thoughts on nanotechnology
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly expands on last month's Beltway column.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Richard V. Osborne responds to Al Tschaeche's letter on "A Safe Dichotomy" from the January Health Physics News.
  • BOOK REVIEW — Andy Karam reviews the book The Bomb and Its Deadly Shadow: A Memoir, written by Dean Warren.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The Buckeye Chapter, Greater New York Chapter, and Eastern Idaho Chapter report on their latest meeting information.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Public Education Committee Chair Dan McGrane updates readers on the committee's activities..
  • NOTES — Information on the 2005 Annual Meeting in Spokane, 10-14 July
    • Information on the 2006 Midyear Meeting in Scottsdale, 22-25 January
    • HPS salary survey erratum
  • CHP CORNER — Mike Stabin reports on the ABHP Part II Panel examiners meeting held during the midyear meeting in New Orleans.d
  • ODDS AND ENDS — This month's Archives article is on Radium Smokes.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This issue has 14 display ads, 14 short courses offered, and 5 job offers.

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