Health Physics News

September 2004

The September 2004 issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter has 36 pages.

  • COVER — If you missed this year's annual meeting in Washington, DC, or if you were there and just want to reflect on what went on there, the cover story this month will do just that for you. Key attendees give highlights from their perspective.
  • 2004 SUMMER SCHOOL — Ron Kathren gives an overview of what went on at the summer school.
  • ONE-LINERS — Mark Maiello adds a few lighthearted paraphrases from the summer school speakers.
  • PHOTOS — Check out the two pages of photos taken at the annual meeting and read the bio of the new HPS photographer.
  • ELDA E. ANDERSON — Award Speech by Tim DeVol.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — John J. Coupal has an opinion regarding acroynms.
  • TREASURER'S REPORT — HPS Treasurer Kent Lambert gives the HPS budget status for FY05.
  • HUMAN CAPITAL CRISIS REPORT — Are we facing a human capital crisis in health physics? Kevin Nelson reports the findings of the human capital crisis task force.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly picks up from the theme of last month's column regarding meeting with candidates running for office.
  • BOOK REVIEW — Wayne M. Glines reviews the book The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism.
  • OUTSIDE THE CORNER OFFICE — Jim Hylko gives us Part 1 of "Reading the Newspaper from Inside a Glass House." Stay tuned for parts 2, 3, and 4..
  • NOTES — New Orleans Midyear 13-16 February 2005.
    • Obituaries for Wallace Page Howell, Larry Edwards, and Thomas F. Mancusco.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — ANS/DD&R Division Topical Meeting on Decommissioning.
    • Sander Perle named Senior Vice President of Technical Operations.
    • Northern Ohio Symposium on Homeland Security and Radiation Preparedness.
    • Master's and Doctoral Fellowship Program in science and engineering.
  • CHP CORNER — 2004 AAHP/ABHP Awards.
  • ODDS and ENDS — This month read about the Exposure Rate Slide Rule.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This issue has 15 display ads, 16 short courses offered, and 6 job offers.

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