July 2004 Health Physics News

The July 2004 issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter has 28 pages

  • COVER — If you've ever thought about being on an HPS committee, you need to read this month's cover story. "Why Commit to a Committee? A Chance for Members to Benefit Other Members" is the cover story theme. You'll find out what is involved to get on a committee, what committee members do, benefits to an HPS member serving on a committee, and much more . . .
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — Ken Kase takes the opportunity to sum up his year as HPS President.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Dan Price from Capitol Associates, Inc., writes a follow-up article on congressional visits and explains how you can make an appointment with your congressional representatives.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — More letters responding to Mike Henderson's "Radcon Rantings" article that ran in the May issue of Health Physics News and a note from a reader concerned with "Annoying Acronyms."
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The Membership Committee details annual meeting mentoring information for anyone interested.
  • NOTES — Interesting information on the 2005 Midyear Meeting in New Orleans.
    • HPS supports continued funding for RERF.
    • An HPS delegate's point of view regarding the highly successful IRPA 11 meeting.
    • Dave Allard reports on the TMI Symposium.
  • ELMER AND THE RACCOONS IN THE BUSHES — Another great "Elmer" story by Ken Miller.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — The 10th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management will be held in 2005.
    • ICRP releases a draft report on protection during a radiological attack.
    • IAEA has announced nuclear security at Summer Olympics.
  • ODDS and ENDS — This month, Paul tells about the Jordan Radgun.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This issue has 15 display ads, 12 short courses offered, and 3 job offers.

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