April 2004 Health Physics News

The April 2004 issue of Health Physics News has 32 pages of news plus the 2005 Health Physics Society Midyear Topical Meeting Call for Papers insert.

  • COVER — At the annual meeting 11-15 July, HPS members will have the opportunity to share in the government of the United States. A number of activities associated with the HPS Congressional and Federal Agency outreach programs are in the planning stages. Read how you can take advantage of this opportunity to "invade the hill!"
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — HPS President Ken Kase, along with Keith Dinger, Stan Ullman, and Dick Burk, has been contacting Federal Agency and Congressional staff to make them aware of the expertise of the HPS and important issues in the radiation safety world. In this month's President's Message Ken highlights these meetings.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Stan Ullman discusses the Energy Bill Update and the appointment of two new NRC Commissioners.
  • AGENCY NEWS – Cyndi Jones reports on the development of a new national tracking system for high-risk radioactive sources.
  • CORRESONDENCE — Comments from Bernie Cohen and Jerry Puskin.
  • CHAPTER NEWSThe Baltimore-Washington Chapter highlights its January meeting with speaker Ken Miller who presented "Thyroid Blocking Considerations in the Face of Nuclear Terrorism."
    • The Sierra Nevada Chapter will host the Twelfth Annual J. Newell Stannard Lecture Series 19-20 April in Sacarmento, California. Newell will again address the attendees via videotape.
  • OUTSIDE THE CORNER OFFICE — James Hylko gives three "reality checks" that will enable managers to handle the challenges, rewards, and uncertainties of employment.
  • HPS MIDYEAR PHOTOS — two pages of photos from the Augusta Midyear Meeting
  • NOTES — Congresswoman Judy Biggert introduced a new bill that supports federal spending for graduate and undergraduate fellowships and research grants in health physics and nuclear science and engineering programs.
    • NEI's Ralph Andersen receives the NAIC ISOE highest radiation protection award of 2003.
    • The obituary of Robert S. Landauer, Jr., founder of Landauer, Inc.
    • The 2005 Midyear Meeting will be held in New Orleans.
    • Annual Meeting 2004 – information about visiting the halls of government in our nation's capital.
    • RERF releases Life Span Study Report 13
    • Participate in a survey of the impacts into the effects of low-level radioactive waste disposal options on medical research and clinical practice.
    • Review of education efforts about the radiation exposure to patients from CT scanners.
  • CHP CORNER — The online Examination Preparation Guide has recently been updated.
  • ODDS and ENDS — A movie poster from the flick "The Gamma People."
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 15 display ads, 16 short courses offered, and 3 job offers.

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