February 2004 Health Physics News

Highlights of the 36-page February 2004 issue of Health Physics News include the following:

  • COVER — Resale of radioactive sources is among the top 10 security threats posed by radioactive sources. This month Joel Lubenau, CHP, explains how the Internet is being used as a convenient way to sell high-hazard used sources and devices containing sources. He recommends being cautious when attempting to find a buyer for a used source and the need for all of us to be "street smart." Dave Allard contributes his views as a regulator on the subject and adds that we need to be cautious about all sources.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — HPS President Ken Kase discusses the future of health physics.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Stan Ullman updates us on the Medicare/Prescription Drug bill and the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board meeting.
  • CORRESONDENCE — Duke Lovins tells about the new Hot Wheels® Atomix Nuclear Meltdown Micro Set.
    • John Poston and Ian Hamilton write about the December ABET article.
  • ELMER AND THE AIR RAID SIREN — Another fun story by Ken Miller.
  • OUTSIDE THE CORNER OFFICE — Check out the new Outside the Corner Office column and the new contributing editor.
  • COMMITTEES — Nominating Committee Chair John Auxier reminds members about the call for officer nominations for 2005 and Awards Committee Chair John Frazier invites nominations for Society awards.
  • SECTION NEWS — Members of the Accelerator Section encourage students to submit papers for the Patterson Memorial Award.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Chapter updates this month are from the Rio Grande Chapter, the South Texas Chapter, and the Northern Ohio Chapter.
  • NOTES — The Baltimore-Washington Chapter looks forward to the 2004 annual meeting to be held in Washington, DC, and focuses their article on excursions available to meeting attendees.
    • Former members of PHS and EPA gather to share memories of friends and programs at the DRH Reception.
    • New HPS officers are listed.
    • Obituaries: Carl M. Unruh, Howard Milton Prichard III, William Emmett Bolch Jr., and Vern C. Rogers.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — Upcoming meetings of the 14th International Conference on SSD and the Internal Dosimetry Symposium are announced.
  • 2003 HPS SALARY SURVEY — Check out the 2003 HPS Salary Survey prepared by Chris Graham and Andy King.
  • CHP CORNER — The ABMP announces changes in the medical health physics certification process.
  • ODDS and ENDS — Paul Frame discusses the Uranium Rush board game.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 16 display ads, 13 short courses offered, and 6 job offers.

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