May 2003 Health Physics News

The May 2003 issue of Health Physics News has 32 pages and includes the Standards of Qualification and Practice (SQ/P)-001 "Qualifications for University Radiation Safety Officer" insert by the American Academy of Health Physics and Radiation Safety Operations Section of the Health Physics Society.

  • COVER — Four health physicists who are members of NASA's MER-03 mission share information about plans to launch two rovers to Mars in January 2004 to begin a study of the history of climate and water where conditions may once have been favorable to life. They explain the goals, benefits to society, dangers, and how health physicists are involved.
  • AGENCY NEWS — Dr. Nils J. Diaz is named NRC Chairman.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Comments on ALARA and CT screening.
  • HPS STANDARDS CORNER — ANSI Group N42 is preparing four standards covering radiation detection instrumentation for homeland security applications.
  • SECTION NEWS — The Accelerator Section will be awarding the first H. Wade Patterson Memorial Award at the Annual Meeting in San Diego.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Program Committee member Alan Fellman talks about computer projection at the 48th Annual Meeting in San Diego.
    • Ben Edwards shares with readers information regarding the first science teacher workshop.
    • There are also highlights of things to do in San Diego while attending the Annual Meeting, and details about the upcoming Midyear meeting to be held in Augusta 8-11 February 2004.
    • Rich Brey describes the Idaho State University's technician-training program.
    • T.E. Johnson highlights the ANSI Z136 meeting that was held in March.
    • Obituaries: Dr. Jacob Sedlet, Gerard R. Laurer, Alan L. Orvis, Adrian H. Dahl, and Gilbert Wheeler Beebe.
    • Details about AAHP courses to be held in San Diego.
    • Professor Roger Cox has been appointed NRPB Director.
  • CHP CORNER — Electronic balloting will be proposed to the Academy. The Academy is seeking an Associate Editor for the "CHP Corner" and CHP News.
  • ODDS and ENDS — Paul explains ion chambers that were used to analyze radon in exhaled air.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 19 display ads, 18 short courses offered, and 3 job offers.

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