April 2003 Health Physics News

The April 2003 issue of Health Physics News has 36 pages and includes the 2004 Midyear Topical Meeting Call for Papers.

  • COVER — "Taking Terror out of Terrorism" is the title of this month's cover story. John Poston, Sr., and Bob C. Whicomb, Jr., share with readers how health physicists can use the information in NCRP Report No. 138 when dealing with a radiological terrorist event.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — President Frazier gives thanks to those who were responsible for the successful Midyear Meeting in San Antonio. He also explains how he tackles the task of "speaking for the Society" on specific health physics topics.
  • EDITORIAL — Dade Moeller recommends that we think outside the box about LNT.
  • AGENCY — NRC's proposed rulemaking for solid materials.
  • POSITION STATEMENTS — "Use of Ionizing Radiation for Security Screening Individuals" and "Whole-Body Computerized Tomography for Screening should not be Performed" are two new HPS Position Statements published in this News.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Jerry Cuttler and Allen Brodsky give their opinions about CT Screening. Charles Rysavy and Roger Shaw respond to Brodsky's comments. John Glover points out a wrong equation in NCRP Report No. 138 and John W. Poston, Sr., responds. President Frazier responds to Mike Griffin's letter from the March News.
  • MEMBERS' POINT OF VIEW — S.Y. Chen and Dade Moeller discuss the basic issues that are at the root of public opposition to releasing "clean" or "contaminated" material.
  • CHAPTERS — The chapters are doing a great job of sending in news about what's going on in their chapter. This month we have updates from the following chapters: North Central, Virginia. (including Virginia Section ANS, and NA-YGN), New Jersey, and East Tennessee.
  • BUY THE T-SHIRT — Jim Tarpinian tells the story of Ron Weed and his favorite sweater.
  • MIDYEAR MEETING IN SAN ANTONIO — John Hageman gives highlights of the Midyear Meeting and thanks to the many volunteers who made the meeting so successful.
  • NOTES — The obituaries of George L. Voelz and Jack Courtney, the San Diego sports scene, and the Eleventh J. Newell Stannard Lecture Series are all part of the Notes section.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTSORS is now online and Colorado State University is recruiting students for graduate studies in radiochemistry.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Stan Ullman shares some insights on Congressional staffers and what they do. He also highlights the upcoming HPS Congressional Briefing to be held 8 April.
  • CHP CORNER — In the Corner this month is a letter to the editor from Bill Lipton with comments on the article "Announcement on Future Direction of the Part II Examination." Also listed are the new AAHP committee members and chairs who were announced at the 47th HPS meeting.
  • ANDY KARAM at the book signing of Rig Ship for Ultra Quiet written by Andy.
  • ODDS and ENDS — Paul Frame describes the Snook Cold Cathode X-Ray Tube.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 18 display ads, 15 short courses offered, and 4 job offers.

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