December 2002 Health Physics News

The December 2002 issue of Health Physics News has 32 pages and includes the CHP News insert.

  • COVER — The revised 10 CFR 35 is now in effect. This month's cover story outlines the goals and structure of the new Part 35 and gives a summary of some of the changes that take effect 24 October 2002. It also discusses the medical RSO issues with training and experience requirements.
  • EDITORIAL — Why do agencies ignore the advice of the HPS and ICRP that it is not appropriate to calculate risk from very low levels of radiation exposure? Andy Karam expresses his concern about this subject in this month's editorial.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Stan Ullman writes about the Sniper story.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Nominations for Society awards are due 1 March 2003. A rundown of the awards to be presented and the qualifications needed for each award are given by HPS Past President George Anastas.
  • AGENCY NEWS — This month Health Physics News begins printing only a short summary of agency press releases along with appropriate agency websites.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Chapter updates this month are from the Susquehanna Valley Chapter and the Great Lakes Chapter.
  • RADIATION SAFETY WITHOUT BORDERS — Howard Dickson reports on the Northern California Chapter's work with Panama.
    • Andy Karam reports on his "quasi-RSWB" visit to Lituania as part of the RSWB program.
    • George Anastas gives an RSWB update.
  • QUIZ — See how many radioactive sources you can find in a 1970s vintage photo submitted by John Villforth.
  • FELLOWSHIPS/TRAVEL GRANTS — The HPS Society Fellowship and the Student Travel/Worker Grant forms for the San Diego HPS meeting are on pages 17 and 18 of this News.
  • NOTES — The San Diego Chapter is encouraging families to spend their vacation in San Diego during the 2003 ARSCE meeting in July by introducing some popular attractions.
  • ICRP — Roger Clarke lists some recommendations initiated by Publication 60 in 1990 and discusses challenges being addressed for the next publication of ICRP Recommendations which is expected in 2005.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — Paul talks about 1940s vintage Firestone spark plugs.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 20 display ads, 10 short courses offered, and 4 job offers.

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