November 2002 Newsletter Highlights

The November 2002 issue begins the new look and new name for the newsletter. Health Physics News is the official newsletter of the Health Physics Society. This issue has 32 pages printed on crisp white paper with blue highlights throughout, and is in the new three-column format. More website links and reminder boxes will facilitate the use of the HPS Website. The insert this month is the 2003 ARSCE call for papers—this meeting will be held in San Diego, 20-24 July.

  • COVER — This cover story is an interview with HPS member D. Michael Schaeffer, who is involved in the radiation compensation process for veterans – he has provided information explaining the history and function of these programs.
  • EDITORIAL — Cyndi Jones, HPS Board Member, and Gen Roessler, Editor, discuss the upgrades made to the newsletter.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — HPS President John Frazier highlights his end-of-the-year visits and tells about the development of a Fact Sheet on consumer products written by Paul Frame.
  • CONGRESSIONAL ACTIVITIES — Congressional Liaison Keith Dinger gives an update on the Congressional and federal agency activities.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Capitol Associates Washington Representative Stan Ullman explains what a lame duck session is.
  • FACT SHEET — The Fact Sheet being run this month is titled "Consumer Products Containing Radioactive Materials."
  • CHAPTER NEWS — This month the Rio Grande Chapter and the new Taiwan Chapter are reporting in.
  • SPOTLIGHT ON THE SOCIETY — The November Spotlight shines on the Power Reactor Section.
  • NUCLEAR FUSION — Check this out and see whose engagement is announced.
  • THE BIG BOBBER — This is another special story written by Ken Miller.
  • HPS STANDARDS CORNER — The Standards Corner article deals with the N13 Contamination Limits Section and is written by Tracy Ikenberry.
  • 2003 HPS ELECTION BALLOT — HPS Secretary Nancy Daugherty discusses the two methods of casting votes in the upcoming annual HPS election.
  • NOTES — The Notes section this month has information on the upcoming ARSCE meeting in San Diego, IRPA activities on education and training, the obituary of James A. Oppold, preliminary announcement of the 2003 summer school, and the availability of graduate research assistantships at Georgia Tech.
  • CHP CORNER — Kathryn Pryor and Shawn Googins discuss the new training and experience requirements for RSOs.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — Paul Frame describes Radioactive Frizzen from the historical archives.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 16 display ads, 10 short courses offered, and 3 job offers.

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