February 2002 Newsletter Highlights

The February issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter has 36 pages and includes lots of up-to-date information including the 2001 HPS Salary Survey.

  • COVER — The cover story this month is a panel discussion in which several people have written about one particular aspect of radiological homeland security. It makes for some interesting reading and will help the HPS Ad Hoc Committee for Homeland Security define its goals.
  • GUEST EDITORIAL — Rich Brey, Chair, Academic Education Committee, discusses ways to improve our strategies for recruiting new people into the profession of health physics. Read this article and send any ideas you may have to Rich Brey.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — In the Correspondence section, Ken Mossman responds to the Walinder-Ahlquist article from the January Newsletter, William Lipton states his opinion about the Position Paper, "Human Capital Crisis in Radiation Safety," and views are aired on a solely electronic publishing of HPS/ANSI Standards.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The North Texas Chapter reports on their last quarter of 2001
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — President Bush nominates Margaret Chu and Beverly Cook for DOE positions and Congress approves an additional $20 billion of emergency spending.
  • HPS SALARY SURVEY — 539 participants took part in this year's HPS Salary Survey. The information shows results for full-time health physicists who received health, vacation, and retirement benefits from their primary employer.
  • NOTES – The new HPS officers are listed; obituaries for Jerome G. Morse and Ellen Hochheiser; information for ARSCE 2002; actions by ACNP and SNM on revision to 10 CFR 35; an article on mail irradiation; and Dr. Thomas S. Tenforde has been nominated as NCRP president.
  • CHP CORNER — This month's "CHP Corner" is devoted to colleague Ellen Hochheiser.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 13 display ads, 17 short courses offered, and 2 job offers.

To have your Chapter or Branch News, Committee Activities, Correspondence, Announcements, Section News, Short Courses, or Display Ads published in the Newsletter, contact Sharon Hebl at the Newsletter office—507-362-8958; fax: 507-362-4513; or email: hpsnews@frontiernet.net.