January 2002 Newsletter Highlights

The January 2002 issue of the HPS Newsletter has 36 pages full of up-to-date articles including:

  • COVER — By establishing an Ad Hoc Committee on Homeland Security, the HPS has taken steps to help in the homeland security effort and provide guidance for emergency response plans in the event of terrorist actions. This cover story will inform readers about the HPS activities.
  • EDITORIAL — Ted Lazo reviews the new ICRP recommendations and suggests that radioactive protection professionals around the world take an extremely active role in their development.
  • MEMBERS' POINT OF VIEW — Richard Osborne responds to Dade Moeller's November editorial and Gunnar Walinder and John Ahlquist address the validity of the LNT hypothesis.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The History Committee gives an outline of the book The Health Physics Society (1955-2005) A Half Century of Radiation Science, Safety, and Service.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Reports are given from the New England, South Texas, Mid-America, and East Tennessee Chapters.
  • SPOTLIGHT — This month the HPS Sections are featured in the Spotlight.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Congress completes action on the FY2002 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill.
  • NOTES — Another article to acquaint you with Central Florida and the upcoming ARSCE meeting in June.
    • Gary Kramer gives a report on the Annual Radiochemical Measurements Conference.
    • Robert Dixon gives an allegory of radiation shielding and bridge design.
    • Walter Huda has reviewed the video "Is Radiation as Dangerous as They Say?" and gives his opinion of the video.
    • John W. (Jack) Healy's obituary
  • CHP CORNER — Call for Nominations for the William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award and the Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award and the 2001 ABHP Certification Exam results.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 13 display ads, 19 short courses offered, and 5 job offers.
  • A MUSING COLUMN — Marv Rosenstein returned to write another A Musing Column "The Schmear Factor."

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