June 2001 Newsletter Highlights

The June 2001 edition of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter has 36 pages plus the CHP News insert.

  • COVER — The HPS-sponsored Congressional Education Briefing held 28 March 2001 is highlighted in this month's cover story.
  • EDITORIAL — Do you think that men and women are equal in terms of their susceptibility to radiation-induced cancer risk? The editorial in this issue gives some examples of why they are not.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — HPS President Rohwer highlights the HPS Executive Committee meeting held in April.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — The Beltway column this month deals with President Bush's Fiscal Year 2001 budget request.
  • BOOK REVIEW — Joseph Stencel reviews the book, Waste is a Terrible Thing To Mind: Risk, Radiation, and Distrust of Government, by John Weingart.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Lots of Chapter News this month from these chapters: South Texas, Virginia, New England, Florida, Greater New York, North Central, and Baltimore-Washington.
  • AGENCY NEWS — The NRC seeks public comment on proposed rule on trust provisions and draft regulatory guide.
  • SPOTLIGHT — This month's Spotlight is on the History Committee – archiving the K.Z. Morgan collection.
  • A HEALTH PHYSICIST LAMENTS – This story is written and illustrated by HPS member Ken Miller.
  • HPS STANDARDS CORNER — Jack Fix reports on the ANSI N43 Subcommittee chaired by John Taschner and Gordon Lodde.
  • NOTES — Kathy Allen, Cochair of the National Materials Program Working Group, gives an update on the Working Group activities.
    • The obituary of Reginald L. Gotchy
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 14 display ads, 19 short courses offered, and 6 job offers.

To have your Chapter or Branch News, Committee Activities, Correspondence, Announcements, Section News, Short Courses, or Display Ads published in the Newsletter, contact Sharon Hebl at the Newsletter office—507-362-8958; fax: 507-362-4513; or email: hpsnews@frontiernet.net.