March 2001 Newsletter Highlights

The March 2001 issue of the HPS Newsletter is on its way and it's full of up-to-date news stories, ads, and job offers. Included in this issue is the 2001 HPS Summer School insert.

  • COVER — HPS and the Media — does the HPS have a formal policy regarding press releases when radiation-related issues make the news? You'll find out when you read this month's cover story.
  • EDITORIAL — Andy Karam points out the privileges of being a health physicist.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — During Chapter Visits last year, one of the questions Paul Rohwer asked was, as a "user friendly" organization what could we be doing better? In his column this month, Paul shares the most common response.
  • DEPLETED URANIUM — Read what the experts say regarding health effects of depleted uranium.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — A letter addresses the role of religion in radiation dosimetry.
  • COMMUNICATION IN SIGHT — Ray Johnson begins a series on "radiation safety."
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The Chapters are doing a great job of sending in news about their meetings. This month we have reports from the East Tennessee, North Carolina, South Texas, and the New England Chapter.
  • SECTION NEWS — Eric Abelquist gives the low down on the Decommissioning Section's Web site.
  • OFFICERS and BOARD MEMBERS — You'll be able to see photos and read a personal synopsis of each of the new officers and board members.
  • SALARY SURVEY — The 2000 HPS Salary Survey is included in this issue.
  • NCRP ARTICLE — An article supporting the NCRP is reproduced from the American Journal of Roentgenology.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — This month's column details the organization of the 107th Congress.
  • NOTES — If you're interested in borrowing the HPS booth, HPS Liaison Judson Kenoyer explains how to do it.
    • Obituaries of Donald Conrad Lawrence and Philip Edwin Bramson
    • Information about the 2001 ARSCE and the Summer School
    • Information about the NA-YGN, a group uniting young professionals working in all fields of nuclear science
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — The Ninth Annual J. Newell Stannard Lecture Series will be held in April.
  • CHP CORNER — The Corner editor, Steve Rima, asks for input from all CHPs.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — This month there are 14 display ads, 21 short courses offered, and 13 job offers.

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