February 2001 Newsletter Highlights

The February 2001 issue of the Health Physics Society Newsletter is 28 pages of up-to-date HPS news including the following:

  • COVER STORY — This month's cover story deals with angioplasty and the resulting skin exposure from the fluoroscopy procedure. We thank Ken Miller and Kelly Classic for the information they provided and their recommendations on the role of health physicists.
  • EDITORIAL — The public define and view the environment in a multitude of ways. Dade Moeller describes some of the "environments" as viewed by the public.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — Paul Rohwer believes that the website can become a tool of high value to the increasing number of users of the Website. Let Paul know if you have a comment or suggestion for further enhancement of the website.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — More on radon health effects
  • AGENCY NEWS — NRC revises its regulations on use of potassium iodide in emergency response. In this issue of the Newsletter we're running the Statement of Commissioner Dicus relating to the potassium iodide rulemaking in response to petitions for rulemaking (Amendment to 10CFR 50.47).
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Reporting fun and interesting meetings were the Florida Chapter, the South Texas Chapter, and the New England Chapter.
  • SPOTLIGHT — In the "Spotlight" this month is the HPS Venues Committee. Find out why and how a meeting site is chosen.
  • CHP CORNER — Edward Maher, Chair of the American Board of health Physics, explains the reengineering of the Part II Certification Exam.
  • BELTWAY — This column gives the wrap-up of the 106th Congress.
  • ADVERTISING — This month there are 12 display ads, 17 short courses offered, and 7 job offers.

To have your Chapter or Branch News, Committee Activities, Correspondence, Announcements, Section News, Short Courses, or Display Ads published in the Newsletter, contact Sharon Hebl at the Newsletter office—507-362-8958; fax: 507-362-4513; or email: hpsnews@frontiernet.net.