Health Physics News

June 2017

Highlights of the 36-page online Health Physics Society (HPS) June 2017 issue of Health Physics News

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  • COVER — "Health Physic Students Contribute to Research: Summary of Health Physics Journal Article 'Using the Health Physics Student Volunteer Program for a Research Project Sponsored by the Medical Section of the Health Physics Society'" by Penny Leinwander and Joe Steiner
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — HPS and the Council of Scientific Society Presidents
    • 62nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society
    • 51st Midyear Meeting of the Health Physics Society
  • SOCIETY NEWS — 2017 Health Physics Society Awards
  • MEMBER NEWS — Ronald L. Kathren
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Central Rocky Mountain Chapter, Florida Chapter, Great Salt Lake Chapter, Eastern Idaho Chapter, North Central Chapter, Virginia Chapter, Midwest Chapter, Western New York Chapter, Baltimore-Washington Chapter
  • STUDENT CORNER — Taking the ABHP Part I Exam: Tips From an Expert and Recent Successful Candidates
  • JOURNAL NOTES — Up and Coming in Health Physics
  • THE ATE EXPERTS SAY . . . — Level below which radiation effects are not statistically different from zero: Question #11967
  • HOW DO I? — How Do I Make Changes to Chapter and Section Websites?
  • AGENCY NEWS — NRC News: Webinar on University Grants Program and Prospective Topics for Nuclear Safety Research
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Too Little, Too Late? (Continued)
  • CURMUDGEON CORNER — More Unintended Consequences
  • THE BOICE REPORT #59 — Beneficial Radiation—How Much Is There?
  • MEMBERS' POINT OF VIEW — "Who Needs Another LNT Meeting?" by Carol S. Marcus and Jeffry A. Siegel
  • A PHILATELIC LOOK AT HEALTH PHYSICS HISTORY — World List of Early Nuclear Reactors: North America, South America, and Antarctica
    • A Message From the AAHP President
    • Changes to the CHP Corner
    • New Locations for Executive Committee Meeting Minutes and Rosters
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES — At the 1993 HPS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, John Poston presents the Elda E. Anderson Award to Wes Bolch
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — ORAU Professional Training Programs; Plexus Scientific Corporation; Reed College Research Reactor; Technical Management Services, Inc.; RSO Services, Inc.; Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.; Dade Moeller—An NV5 Company