December 2000 Newsletter Highlights

The December 2000 issue of the HPS Newsletter has 36 pages of up-to-date information and includes the CHP News insert.

  • COVER — Radon-222 was discovered by Friedrich Ernst Dorn in 1900. One hundred years later, radon continues to be of interest to scientists and is becoming of increasing interest to the public because its presence in homes and other buildings is a potential cause of lung cancer. This month's cover story is a summary of current activity in radon throughout the United States.
  • EDITORIAL — Dade Moeller tells what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — President Paul Rohwer gives a brief summary of Board actions and other information from the Board Meetings that took place in Denver at the Annual Meeting.
  • MEMBER'S POINT OF VIEW — David Kocher points out why he thinks the Society's position on radiation protection of the public was an opportunity missed. Keith Dinger replies on behalf of the S&PIC.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Eugene Cramer please for more information for the public on decommissioning. Thomas Johnson points an error in the November ABHP solution.
  • AGENCY NEWS—NRC — The NRC broadens the use of dosimeters to reflect new advances in technology and the NRC approves 10 CFR part 35 revision; EPA: The EPA announces CD supplement to FGR 13 and the EPA has published a report titled "Radiation Protection at EPA—The First Thirty Years."
  • CHAPTER NEWS — News from the South Texas Chapter and the North Central Chapter is reported in this month's Newsletter.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski updates readers on politics in an election year and on the Energy and Water Appropriations bill.
  • SECTION NEWS — Jan Johnson from the Radon Section reports that the Section will sponsor a special session at the ARSCE in Cleveland, 10-14 June 2001.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Now is the time for you to nominate people for award recognition to the HPS Awards Committee.
  • Included in this Newsletter is a survey from the Continuing Education Committee to obtan feedback on the Professional Enrichment Program.
  • Student Fellowship and Travel/Worker Grant forms are available in this Newsletter.
  • NOTES — In the Notes section are the obituaries of Paul Reinhardt and Barry G. Wahlig, information on the 2001 ARSCE Annual Meeting, and a "safe" dose of radiation survey.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are 13 display ads, 16 short courses offered, and nine job offers in this month's Newsletter.

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