Health Physics News

June 2014

Highlights of the 35-page online Health Physics Society (HPS) June 2014 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — "Governmental Relations Program: An Update" – by Darrell R. Fisher
  • HPS MEETINGS — 2014 HPS Annual Meeting, 13–17 July, Baltimore, Maryland
  • MEMBER NEWS — Bryce Rich, David W. Miller
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Susquehanna Valley Chapter, Central Rocky Mountain Chapter, Connecticut Chapter, Northern California Chapter
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Membership Committee, Nanotechnology Committee
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — HPS leadership visits to Washington, DC
  • THE BOICE REPORT #25 — "ICRP Main Commission in Moscow"
  • IN MEMORIAM — Glenn F. Knoll, Richard W. Piontek
    • "Does the EPA Contradict Its Own Policies?" by Michael G. Stabin and Jeffry A. Siegel
    • "Response to Stabin and Siegel" by Jerome S. Puskin and David J. Pawel
  • BOOKS OLD, OBSCURE, OR OUT OF DATEMinerals for Atomic Energy by Robert D. Nininger
  • REAC/TS — "What Should We Know About Radiation Medical Countermeasures?"
    • Up Everest With a Geiger Counter
    • Nominations Requested for SAB Radiation Advisory Committee Opening
    • OECD NEA ISOE Report on Management of Worker Doses
    • Rescheduled 2014 AMUG Meeting
    • Submittal Deadline for IAEA Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection
    • IEC TC 45 Meeting
    • Up and Coming in Health Physics
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES — The brain trust for HPS publications at the 2011 HPS Annual Meeting in West Palm Beach
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — Dade Moeller Training Academy; HPS Logo Store; F&J Specialty Products, Inc.; Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.; Radiation Safety Associates, Inc.; Technical Management Services, Inc.; RSO Services, Inc.