Health Physics News

October 2013

Highlights of the 32-page online October 2013 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — "Ongoing Radiation Effects Studies in the Former Soviet Union" by Bruce Napier, CHP
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — In "Why We Belong: The Meaning and Value of Society Membership," President Darrell Fisher interviews former HPS Director Scott Schwahn
    • National Radiation Protection Professionals Week
    • 2014 HPS Midyear Meeting and PDS, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    • 2014 HPS Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland
  • MEMBER NEWS — Matt Moeller, Linnea Wahl
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Baltimore-Washington Chapter
  • SECTION NEWS — Nonionizing Radiation Section, Accelerator Section, Medical Health Physics Section
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Membership Committee, Nonotechnology Committee
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — HPS is making its presence and expertise available to federal policy makers.
  • THE BOICE REPORT #17 — The 2014 National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Meeting, 9–10 March 2014, Bethesda, Maryland
  • BOOKS OLD, OBSCURE, OR OUT OF DATECrisis Contained: The Department of Energy at Three Mile Island – A History
  • REAC/TS — "Lethal Exposure to a 60Co Industrial Irradiation Source, Peoples' Republic of China, 2008"
    • Special Session: "Medical Physics and Health Physics at Medical Facilities"
    • The State of AAHP Finances
    • Continuing Education Committee Update
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS — Jason Harris, associate professor of health physics in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics at Idaho State University
    • 4th African IRPA Congress in Morocco, September 2014
    • Planning for IRPA16 in 2024
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 4 display ads and 10 short courses are offered this month.

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