Health Physics News

June 2013

Highlights of the 40-page online June 2013 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Past Presidents Kevin Nelson, Kathy Pryor, Ed Maher, Dick Toohey, and Armin Ansari discuss the Health Physics Society (HPS) decision to use the International System (SI) of units exclusively.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — President Armin Ansari talks about HPS-relevant topics from the Council of Scientific Society Presidents spring meeting.
  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Ken Kase writes about Ted Lazo and Andy Karam's May 2013 newsletter article "What Is a Radiation Protection Specialist (RP)?"
    • Health Physics Society 58th Annual Meeting: Wisconsin's Beer-Brewing Heritage
    • 2014 HPS Midyear Meeting: Baton Rouge and Environs
    • HPS Members Receive Reduced Rates for Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting
    • Ed Maher Appointed to National Academy of Sciences Radiobiology Committee
    • Bruce Thomadsen Named Chair of NRC Advisory Committee on the Medical Use of Isotopes
    • The New Nonionizing Radiation Protection Section
    • Medical Health Physics Section

    • Membership Committee
    • Program Committee
    • Nanotechnology Committee

  • AGENCY NEWS — Nuclear Regulatory Commission News
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connelly discusses April congressional visits by HPS leadership.
  • THE HPS EFFECT — Richard Vetter discusses the positive effect of congressional visits by HPS leadership.
  • THE BOICE REPORT #13 — On the one-year anniversary of "The Boice Report," John Boice covers the April 2013 International Commission on Radiological Protection Main Commission meeting.
  • NCRP NEWS — NCRP Conducts Improvised Nuclear Device Detonation Workshop and Tabletop Exercise Under Grant from CDC.
  • IN MEMORIAM — Obituaries of Bill (Hugh William) Bryant, Peter V. O'Connell, and Clifford "Cliff" Elmont Winters, Jr.
  • BOOKS OLD, OBSCURE, OR OUT OF DATE–A REVIEW — Mark Maiello reviews Concise Dictionary of Atomics by Alred Del Vecchio.
  • RADIATION SAFETY PSYCHOLOGY — Ray Johnson presents "Errors We Make in Decisions for Radiation Safety – Part XII."
  • REAC/TS — From the REAC/TS Radiation Accident Registry: Pennsylvania 1967 – Exposures to a Van de Graaf Generator
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS — This month's interviewee is Elaine Marshall.
    • Up and Coming in Health Physics
    • Why Shop at the HPS Logo Store?
    • Nominations Sought for Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture Award
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES — Herman Cember, Steve King, and Richard Osborne at the 1990 HPS Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California
  • CHP NEWS — The June 2013 issue CHP News
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 4 display ads and 11 short courses are offered this month.

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