Health Physics News

May 2013

Highlights of the 41-page online May 2013 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Tim Kirkham and Tony Mason describe the strong program and beautiful venue for the 2013 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting, which will be held 7–11 July in Madison, Wisconsin. Doug Poland of the Local Arrangements Committee introduces the many opportunities for bicycle riding in Madison.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT —— President Armin Ansari announces the HPS affiliation with the American Institute of Physics.
  • THE HPS EFFECT —— Richard Vetter discusses the mission-oriented legislative agenda of the HPS.
    • 2013 HPS Awards
    • HPS Liaison Activities with the American Industrial Hygiene Association
    • Savoring Baton Rouge: A Feast for the Heart, Palate, and Soul—Site of the 2014 HPS Midyear Meeting
    • HPS Members Receive Reduced Rates for Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting
  • CHAPTER NEWS —— A report from the East Tennessee Chapter about the Second James E. Turner Memorial Symposium, 22–23 May 2013
  • SECTION NEWS —— A report from the Power Reactor Section
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES —— A report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Society Governance
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission News
    • Environmental Protection Agency News
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY —— David Connelly discusses the Integrated University Program for scholarships.
  • THE BOICE REPORT #12 —— John Boice presents information about the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Committee for the Million Worker Study and the first meeting of Scientific Committee 6-9.
  • NCRP NEWS —— NCRP Report No. 173, Investigation of Radiological Incidents
  • HPS STANDARDS CORNER —— Update on External Dosimetry Performance Standards
  • IN MEMORIAM —— Obituaries of Richard W. Fliszar, Victor Anderson, and Theodore Rockwell
  • RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION AROUND THE GLOBE —— Ted Lazo and Andy Karam ask, "What is a radiation protection specialist?"
  • RADIATION SAFETY PSYCHOLOGY — Ray Johnson presents "Errors We Make in Decisions for Radiation Safety – Part XI."
  • REAC/TS —— The REAC/TS Radiation Emergency Medicine Program
  • NOTES —— Tribute to an Experimental Facility: The BREN Tower
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS —— This month's interviewee is Jason Davis.
  • CHP CORNER —— The American Academy of Health Physics Special Session at the 2013 HPS Annual Meeting and a report from the Continuing Education Committee
    • Up and Coming in Health Physics
    • U-2013 Global Uranium Symposium
    • Radiation and Risk: Expert Perspectives
    • American Laser Society Names New President
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES —— Nancy Daugherty and John Auxier having a discussion at the 2002 HPS Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida
  • ADVERTISEMENTS —— 5 display ads and 14 short courses are offered this month.

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