Health Physics News

November 2012

Highlights of the 39-page online November 2012 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Coming to the 46th Midyear Meeting of the Health Physics Society (HPS)? The cover story this month will inform you about the sessions, the professional development school, and fun things to do on your mini-vacation to Scottsdale.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — President Ansari questions whether the HPS is an "old boys" network.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly suggests that HPS members assist in getting funding for schools. Continued efforts are essential in continuing the Nuclear Education Program. Connolly offers to hand-deliver any letter to your senator and/or congressman.
  • THE BOICE REPORT #6 — Boice discusses the Department of Energy (DOE) pilot study of one million U.S. radiation workers.
  • CHINESE SOCIETY FOR RADIATION PROTECTION (CSRP) — HPS Past President Kathy Pryor and Casper Sun visited Hangzhou, China, to attend the Chinese Society for Radiation Protection (CSRP) meeting at the invitation of Professor Pan Ziqiang, president of CSRP. Kathy tells about the experience of the meeting and the trip.
    • Mike Lewandowski highlights things to see and do at the HPS 58th Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, 7–11 July 2013.
    • HPS section websites now have members-only option.
    • The DOE and the National Academy of Sciences are soliciting expressions of interest in potential positions at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation.
    • Volunteer(s) are needed for the HPS salary survey.
    • A student recruiting video is now available.
    • HPS Web Operations will be shifting staff assignments at Health Physics News.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Awards Committee Chair Kathy Pryor is calling for nominations for Society awards.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The North Central Chapter of the HPS held its spring meeting Friday, 27 April, at Brookings, South Dakota.
  • NCRP — NCRP Report No. 173, Investigation of Radiological Incidents, is available.
  • IN MEMORIAM — of Mary Rose Ford, Robert Martin Ryan, and Michael S. Davidson.
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS — This month's interviewee is Shane Reese.
  • RADIATION SAFETY PSYCHOLOGY — How Do We Make Decisions for Radiation Safety? – Part V.
  • CHP CORNER — This month's CHP Corner highlights Exam Site Committee activities, American Board of Health Physics exam application reminder, and changes to American Academy of Health Physics procedures.
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES — Check out this month's photo of Ron Kathren and Frances Harshaw at the 1988 HPS meeting in Boston.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 5 display ads and 10 short courses are offered this month.

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