Health Physics News

July 2012

Highlights of the 41-page online July 2012 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — The largest meeting of international radiation protection professionals – IRPA13 – was held in Glasgow, Scotland, the week of 14 May 2012. Our cover story this month highlights the technical sessions and the morning-to-night excitement that occurred during the meeting. Along with that, the first-ever IRPA Young Professionals Prize was awarded. This is an exciting cover story . . . don’t miss it!!
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — President Kathy Pryor reflects on her year as president of the Health Physics Society.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — In David Connolly's opinion, indications are that a group of senators is trying to come up with some solutions to problems associated with nuclear power and, in particular, waste disposal.
  • THE BOICE REPORT #2 — John Boice reports on the 59th session of UNSCEAR, which was held in Vienna 20–25 May 2012.
  • MEMBER’S POINT OF VIEW — John Poston Sr. gives his point of view concerning changing the name of the Health Physics Society.
    • Glimpses of the 2012 HPS Annual Meeting Special Sessions
    • 2012 HPS awards are announced.
    • NCRP Report No. 169 is available.
    • A listing of the HPS members who have achieved 25 years of service to the Society
    • Prominent researcher and scientist Michael J. Welch dies.
    • Technical report on controlling uranium is available.
    • 24th annual meeting of the AMUG met in Las Vegas in April.
    • Issuance of WM2013 call for abstracts – deadline is 17 August 2012.
    • ICRP recognizes Keith Eckerman.
    • Study of CT scanning of children was recently released.
  • IN MEMORIAM — Obituaries of Alden Newton "Al" Tschaeche and Donald Glenn Jacobs.
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS — This month's interviewee is Flavio Soares.
  • RADIATION SAFETY PSYCHOLOGY — The subject of this month's article is "How Do We Make Decisions for Radiation Safety?"
  • REAC/TS — This month's discussion deals with significant criticality incidents – Sarov (Arzamus-16) in Russia, 1997.
    • Glenn Sturchio encourages members to participate on the Part II examination panel.
    • Daniel Mantooth explains the purpose of the Title Protection and Professional Recognition Committee.
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES — In this first "From the Archives" column, we share a photo from the 1959 HPS meeting in Gatlinburg.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 5 display ads and 10 short courses are offered this month.

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