Health Physics News

February 2012

Highlights of the 37-page online February 2012 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVERHealth Physics Editor in Chief Mike Ryan and his fellow staff members Craig Little, Mary Gene Ryan, and Deanna Baker encourage paper submissions to Health Physics or Operational Radiation Safety. They can help you through the process from submittal through publication, and in this cover story, they share their knowledge of what you need to know to get started and get published.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — HPS President Kathryn Pryor encourages Society members to think internationally about radiation protection. The more we can share ideas and experiences, the better we will be at promoting excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Congress has restored the funding for the scholarship/fellowship program administered by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for health physicists.
  • THE HEALTH PHYSICS SOCIETY welcomes new officers and Board members for 2012-2013: President-elect Darrell R. Fisher, Secretary-elect Elizabeth M. Brackett, and Board members Steve King, John Lanza, and Mike Stabin.
    • The 57th Annual Health Physics Society Meeting will be held in Sacramento 22-26 July 2012.
    • The National Science and Technology Council has issued a national strategy for nanotechnology.
    • IRPA13—Poster abstract submissions due by 29 February 2012; full paper and poster PDF submissions due by 12 March 2012; presenting author registration due by 12 March 2012.
    • Richard Vetter highlights the Beebe Symposium 2011.
    • Peer reviewers for Health Physics and Operational Radiation Safety are recognized.
    • George Xu to lead nuclear engineering program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
    • Wayne Glines joins Dade Moeller firm.
    • CRCPD announces 2012 Radiation Response Volunteer Corps grant.
    • Over 1,000 HPS LinkedIn members.
    • John D. Boice, Jr., nominated NCRP president.
    • 2012 Annual Meeting of the NCRP 12-13 March.
    • David Schauer received the 2011 Image Gently Butterfly Award.
    • Taiwan Chapter met 13-14 December 2011.
    • Colorado State University Student Branch, Central Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Health Physics Society, and Mountain and Plains Education Research Center hosted two speakers at October and December meetings.
    • Joint fall meeting of the Health Physics Society and AAPM Florida chapters.
    • The Continuing Education Committee improves delivery of the PEP and CEL classes.
    • The Nominating Committee reminds members to nominate officers and directors to serve the Society.
    • The Awards Committee reminds members that the deadline for submitting Society awards nominations is 1 March 2012.
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS — This month's interviewee is Gerald L. Schlenker, CHP, RRPT.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — John R. Laferriere comments on the December 2011 REAC/TS article.
  • REAC/TS — The REAC/TS case file this month deals with a plutonium-contaminated wound, 1985, in the United States.
  • CHP CORNER – Reports from the Continuing Education Committee, ABHP Part I Panel of Examiners, and Professional Development Committee. Nominations for the William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award are due by 2 March 2012.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — Frame tells about the ABC-M1A1 RADIAC Calculator.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 5 display ads and 13 short courses are offered this month.

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