Health Physics News

March 2011

Highlights of the 32-page March 2011 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Thomas F. O'Connell, chair of the First Response Subcommittee, HPS Homeland Security Committee, recalls the successful public-safety message from the 1950s film "Duck and Cover." He points out that it is time to resurrect the spirit of that time to prepare and protect our current generation of empowered citizens.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — HPS President Ed Maher highlights the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) public meeting on the final draft radiation safety culture statement of policy released on 18 January 2011.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly reflects on the President's State of the Union address and government spending.
  • HPS EMPLOYMENT FORUM — Mark Maiello, Howard Dickson, Bruce Busby, and Ben Edwards discuss the status of health physics employment.
  • SPECIAL EDITION OF THE HEALTH PHYSICS JOURNAL — Proceedings of a workshop on Biological Consequences and Health Risks of Low-Level Exposure to Ionizing Radiation, in honor of Dr. Victor P. Bond
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Reports from the East Tennessee Chapter, the Colorado State University Student Branch, and the new West Texas Chapter.
    • The HPS Annual Meeting this summer will be held at West Palm Beach, Florida, 26-30 June 2011.
  • A DOSE OF REALITY — Mike Stabin and Jeff Siegel tell a story in their version of "Roentgen Shrugged."
  • AGENCY NEWS — The NRC's first-ever external blog went live on 31 January 2011.
  • REAC/TS — This month's REAC/TS Registry article discusses abnormal physical dosimetry in the United States in 2010.
  • CHP CORNER — Reports from the AAHP Appeals Committee, the Part I Panel of Examiners activities, and the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee
  • ODDS AND ENDS — Paul Frame tells about the Jackson tube.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 7 display ads and 12 short courses are offered this month.

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