Health Physics News

February 2011

Highlights of the 32-page February 2011 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Jean M. St. Germain discusses the shortage of medical radioisotopes, particularly 99Mo, and the dependence of the United States on non-U.S. suppliers. Dr. Richard Vetter and Keith Dinger outline how the HPS, through its Government Relations Program, has been involved in the radiation safety aspects of the research and medical-isotope production and supply issues for the past five years.
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT — HPS President Ed Maher recounts recent activities of the HPS president and Executive Committee since the 2010 HPS Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly reflects on the role of coalitions in Washington.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Deadline for submitting Society Awards nominations is 1 March 2011.
    • Members of the Science Support Committee ask that all HPS members support local science fairs.
    • HPS members are encouraged to take advantage of activities that are geared to bringing scientists and engineers into classrooms, e.g., Adopt-a-Physicist Program, by exchanging electronic (blog-type) messages with a high school physics student over a three-week period, or Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.
    • HPS volunteers are needed – get involved and volunteer for an HPS committee.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The newly formed West Texas Chapter of the HPS has elected officers and held three meetings.
  • REMEMBERING MY FIRST HPS MEETING — Joel Lubenau reflects on his first HPS meeting, held in New York in 1963.
  • NCRP releases Report No. 165.
  • MIKE RYAN AND CRAIG LITTLE recognize peer reviewers for Health Physics and ORS.
  • THE HPS WELCOMES NEW OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS FOR 2011-2012: President-elect Armin Ansari, Treasurer-elect Nancy Daugherty, and Board members Sam Keith, Andy Miller, and Sarah Roberts.
  • THE HP GENE — The highlighted HP Gene family this month is the Napier family.
  • REAC/TS — This month's REAC/TS Registry article discusses a near miss with an industrial radiography device.
  • CHP CORNER — Jim Willison reports Continuing Education Committee activities.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — Paul Frame shares information about Glenn Seaborg's Manhattan Project Badge.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 6 display ads and 10 short courses are offered this month.

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