Health Physics News

November 2010

Highlights of the 32-page November 2010 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Howard Dickson has been chosen as Society Web Operations editor in chief and has begun his transition year. He and Gen Roessler, current website and Health Physics News editor in chief, share their thoughts about the continuation and growth of HPS communication efforts.
  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE HPS BYLAWS — HPS President Ed Maher and many of the Society Board of Directors are concerned about declining Society membership. The proposed amendment is to Section 2 of Article III, Membership, of the Bylaws, which deals with removing the requirement for a college degree as a membership requirement.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly discusses the upcoming election.
  • NCRP — NCRP releases Report No. 164, Uncertainties in Internal Radiation Dose Assessment.
    • NCRP annual meeting speakers are announced.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Letters from Niel Wald, John J. Coupal, and Mike Lewandowski
  • GETTING TO KNOW THE HPS — This new Health Physics News column will introduce Society members to readers.
  • REFLECTIONS OF AN OLD SCOUT — Dade Moeller discusses well-known radiation protection-related personalities with whom he has had the opportunity to interact during his life.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Summaries of meetings from the Virginia Chapter and the South Texas Chapter
  • AGENCY NEWS — The NRC approves updates to nuclear waste confidence findings and rule.
  • NOTES — Col Mark A. Melanson is awarded the Army's second highest noncombat medal.
    • The obituary of E. Gail de Planque
  • REAC/TS — This month's REAC/TS Registry article discusses the plutonium-238 internal contamination incident in the United States in 2000.
  • CHP CORNER — Highlights of the ABHP Meeting held in June and Exam Site Committee activities
  • ODDS AND ENDS — Paul Frame discusses the electrometer and ion chamber of Victor Hess.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 7 display ads and 11 short courses are offered this month.

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