May 2000 Newsletter Highlights

The May 2000 issue of the HPS Newsletter has the 34th Midyear Meeting Call for Papers Insert and 40 pages of information covering a wide range of topics including the following:

  • COVER — Joel Lubenau discusses the disused source problem in light of the recent Bangkok, Thailand, fatal accident involving a 60Co source. He also makes suggestions about what should be done about it.
  • EDITORIAL — D.J. Higson, Editor of the Newsletter of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society writes this month's Editorial "It's Time to Do Something About the LN-T Controversy."
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — President Ray Johnson summarizes the sixth question raised during his President-elect visits, "What are your concerns for the future of radiation safety?"
  • SECTION NEWS — Scholarship applications for the Power Reactor Section are available in this issue of the Newsletter.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — This month the latest Savannah River Chapter and South Texas Chapter meetings are highlighted.
  • COMMENTARYNewsletter Associate Editor Andrew Karam divides administrators of radiation safety programs into two camps, the ZTs and the LBFs in an article, "How Many Sizes Does it Take?"
  • ARTICLE BY W.E. KENNEDY JR. — HPS Board Member, W.E. Kennedy, Jr., the HPS Presidential Representative at a Senate Subcommittee Testimony on Metal Recycle, tells what it's like.
  • POSITION STATEMENTS — The HPS Society in March, issued two new position statements, "Occupational Radiation-Safety Standards and Regulations are Sound" and "Compensation for Diseases that Might be Caused by Radiation Must Consider the Dose." These are presented in this issue.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The new HPS Standing Committee appointments have been announced and are listed in the Newsletter.
  • NOTES — The Health Physics Society reports 32 new members during March.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — The Health Physics Journal is seeking a Book Review Editor.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski outlines the Federal Budget for 2001.
  • CHP CORNER — The American Academy of Health Physics outlines the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CHPs.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are 4 pages of display ads, 20 short courses offered, and 7 job offers.

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