Health Physics News

July 2010

Highlights of the 32-page July 2010 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — Famous family connections in the field of science
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — HPS President Howard Dickson writes his last President's Message by summing up his year in office and by thanking people for "making this the best year of my professional life."
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Connolly discusses the HPS role in seeking funding for health physics scholarships.
  • ENLARGING THE CONVERSATION — Richard Vetter assumes the role of agency liaison.
  • POSITION STATEMENT — Stakeholder Engagement Position Statement adopted
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Reports from the Florida Chapter and the Colorado State University Student Branch
  • MEMBER'S POINT OF VIEW — Richard Jaquish writes about the notorious but not noted health physicist George Koval.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Letters responding to the April 2010 Health Physics News cover story "Speaking Up about Radon" from William E. Simon, Don Higson, and Jan Johnson.
  • NOTES — The 56th HPS Annual Meeting will be held in West Palm Beach, Florida, 26-30 June 2011
  • BOOK REVIEW — Andy Karam reports on Arman Ansari's book Radiation Threats and Your Safety: A Guide to Preparation and Response for Professionals and Community.
  • THE HP GENE — Armin Ansari's first article about members of families with the HP Gene.
  • JOHN MOULDER discusses "Medical Countermeasures against Radiological Terrorism – What Do We Need and What Do We Have?"
  • AGENCY NEWS — NRC seeks public comment on proposed rule on security of radioactive materials.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — NCRP Commentary No. 16., Screening of Humans for Security Purposes Using Ionizing Radiation Scanning Systems.
    • Publication of MARSAME
  • REAC/TS — This month's REAC/TS Registry article discusses medical management of the ARS – Goiânia, Brazil, September 1987.
  • CHP NEWS — Highlights of the Part II Examination Panel workshop and the Title Protection and Professional Recognition Committee.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — This month Paul Frame discusses Black Rain.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 8 display ads and 15 short courses are offered this month.

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