March 2000 Newsletter Highlights

The March 2000 issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter has 40 pages chocked full of Midyear photos, the Summer School Insert, great cartoons, and a wide range of topics including the following:

  • COVER — Should you take a Geiger counter to the store when purchasing metal products? The public's perception in recycling of scrap metals is addressed in this month's cover story.
  • EDITORIAL — Dade Moeller's editorial emphasizes the need for identification and quantitation of the many benefits of radiation.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — Ray Johnson gives highlights from the Board Meeting held at the Midyear Meeting in Virginia Beach.
    • proposes to adopt its website to announce meetings open to the public, and
    • issues midcycle reviews for 13 nuclear plants participating in pilot test of revised reactor oversight process.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski updates readers on the nuclear waste legislation being considered on the Senate floor.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — This month we hear from the Savannah River Chapter, the South Texas Chapter, and the New England Chapter of the HPS.
  • There are two pages of photos from the Midyear Meeting just held in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • SPOTLIGHT — This month Eric Abelquist highlights the Continuing Education Committee.
  • NOTES — Scrap piping from a pulp and paper mill in Eastern Ontario were found to be radioactive. Arthur Scott has written an article concerning the NORM deposition in the pulp and paper industry.
    • Plans continue for the upcoming ARSCE Meeting and the Summer School in Colorado.
    • There are 26 new members of the HPS.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — The Eighth Annual J. Newell Stannard Lecture Series is announced along with the 22nd Annual SSA Conference and Exhibition.
  • R.E. Toohey gives a personal report on the Tokai-Mura, Japan, criticality accident.
  • CHP CORNER — The Part I Exam Panel is always looking for good multiple-choice questions. This month's "CHP Corner" gives you all the information you need to write exam questions.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are 5 pages of display ads, 27 short courses offered, and 4 job offers.

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