Health Physics News

August 2008

Highlights of the 24-page August 2008 issue of Health Physics News:

  • COVER — Dick Toohey began his presidential term at the 2008 HPS Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. In the cover story this month he shares his thoughts and his goals for the coming year.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — HPS President Kevin Nelson writes his final president's message and thanks everyone for the "opportunity of a lifetime."
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — David Connolly reflects on the significance of the Democratic primary season to the history of the country.
  • NOTES — John Lanza gives readers information on organizing a Radiation Response Volunteer Corps.
    • Walter Meier obituary
  • ELMER AND THE NORTHERN PIKE — A fish tale written by Ken Miller
  • CORRESPONDENCE — A response about the new HPS website (
    • Letters from Al Tschaeche and Kevin Nelson about "safe" levels of radiation
  • AGENCY NEWS — The NRC is planning a public meeting to solicit public input on issues with CsC1 sources used by NRC- and Agreement State-licensees.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The Health Physics Society award recipients are announced.
  • AN ARTICLE BY STEPHANIE CARLSON, the new HPS website Physicians Gateway Editor
  • REAC/TS — Part V: Accidents involving sealed sources
  • CHP CORNER — The AAHP Nominating Committee is looking for candidates to run for Academy Office.
  • ODDS AND ENDS — This month's Archives article is about the Rad-Tek.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — 10 display ads and 13 short courses are offered this month.

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