February 2000 Newsletter Highlights

The February 2000 issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter has 40 pages of information plus the ANSI/HPS N13.35-1999 Standard insert, "Specifications for the Bottle Manikin Absorption Phantom."

  • COVER — The cover story is an interview of the new NRC Chairman Richard A. Meserve discussing the challenges facing the NRC
  • EDITORIAL — website editor Dick Swaja provides a summary of the HPS website capabilities to make members aware of the resources that are offered.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — Ray Johnson gives the high points of the "Bridging Radiation Policy and Science Conference" held at the Airlie House in Warrenton, Virginia, in December.
  • MEMBER'S POINT OF VIEW — Geoff Eichholz gives his viewpoint on EPA's regulation of radon in drinking water.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Lynne Fairobent of the Program Committee has written a very informative article on the requirements for visuals at annual meetings. If you are giving a paper at the meeting, this article is a "must read."
    • Ian Hamilton updates readers on the latest happenings of the Public Education Committee.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Meetings of the Savannah River Chapter and the New England Chapter are highlighted.
  • The newly elected HPS OFFICERS and BOARD MEMBERS are presented to readers in this issue.
  • Dan Strom, one of the 70 invitees to the "Bridging Radiation Policy and Science Conference" in December, gives his perspective on the Conference.
  • NEWS FROM THE NCRP — Eric Kearsley gives a rundown on the latest happenings at the NCRP.
  • NONIONIZING SIDE OF THE SPECTRUM — This month Gary Zeman explains how magnetic resonance imaging works.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski describes the Budget Process that's going on in Washington.
  • NOTES — There's lots of information in the Notes section including things to do at the Annual Meeting in Denver, Summer School 2000, the obituaries of John J. Jech and Dr. Harald H. Rossi, and a list of 16 new members of the Society.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — Keith Dinger explains that the HPS Board of Directors will be requested to approve a new HPS award; the 6th SPERA Conference is announced; ALARA workshop abstracts are due; and the NRPP seeks radon chambers.
  • CHP CORNER — The "CHP Corner" article is also on the "Bridging Radiation and Policy Conference" written by participant Ron Kathren, AAHP Past President.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are 5 pages of display ads, 19 short courses, and 6 job offers.

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