January 2000 Newsletter Highlights

The Health Physics Society's January 2000 Newsletter has the ANSI N13.12 Standard Insert and 40 pages of great information covering a wide range of topics including the following:

  • COVER — Sylvia Malm from the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water and Anita Schmidt from the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, explain the EPA's proposed radon in drinking water rule.
  • EDITORIAL — Fred Baes, HPS Technical Editor, helps HPS members to fully utilize the advantages of the membership directory that is now available on line in the "Members Only" section of this website.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — President Johnson summarizes the third question raised at his President-elect visits, "What services would you like from the HPS?"
  • AGENCY NEWS — The EPA has released the final version of Federal Guidance Report No. 13.
  • SECTION NEWS — The Power Reactor Section has awarded three scholarships. We have photos of the recipients.
    • The RSO Section will be sponsoring a "Special Session" during the 2000 ARSCE in Denver.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — We've included highlights of the North Central and the South Texas Chapter's latest meetings.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Keith Dinger clarifies the answer to ABHP Question 10 in the October Newsletter. Ken Skrable responds encouraging readers to contact him when a mistake is found.
    • Ken Mossman suggests that the HPS position statement on low-level radioactive waste be retracted.
    • Steven Dapra has some objections to the "Nonionizing" column in the December Newsletter. Gary Zeman responds to these objections.
  • MEMBER'S POINT OF VIEW — Harald Rossi gives his view of LN-T and politics.
  • NOTES — There's more information about the 33rd Midyear Topical Meeting, the 2000 ARSCE Meeting, and Summer School 2000 is the fourth in a series on "Hearing Feelings."
    • The HPS has 18 new members.
    • ORISE has released new salary information for health physicists.
    • Mike Stabin and Paul Frame give their view of the health hazards associated with interviewing antinuclear activists.
    • The South Texas Chapter and Texas Panhandle Chapter present a Science Teacher Workshop to 45 at CAST2000.
    • The obituary of Floyd Galpin, an expert at EPA on the disposal of radioactive waste is in this issue.
  • NONIONIZING SIDE OF THE SPECTRUM — Guest contributor Ken Barat gives safety tips on laser pointers.
  • SPOTLIGHT — This month Eric Abelquist tells what it takes to tackle the duties of a Local Arrangement Committee.
  • CHP CORNER — Congratulations to the candidates who passed Part I and Part II of the 1999 ABHP Certification exam.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are 6 pages of display ads, 20 short courses offered, and 5 job offers.

To have your Chapter, or Branch News, Committee Activities, Correspondence, Announcements, Section News, Short Courses, or Display Ads published in the Newsletter, contact Sharon Hebl at 507-362-8958; fax: 507-362-4513; or email: hpsnews@frontiernet.net.