November 1999 Newsletter Highlights

The November 1999 issue of the HPS Newsletter has 40 pages and includes the Annual Meeting Insert.

  • COVER — Work has begun on the BEIR VII report. Past President Keith Dinger reminds readers that the BEIR report process is extremely important to the radiation safety community and the operational health physicist. The cover story this month explains the report process.
  • EDITORIAL — Gen Roessler explains how a cover story is selected.
  • PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE — President Johnson lists more responses he received while attending chapter visits. This month, the topic is "My biggest concerns for the Health Physics Society now and in the future."
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The New England Chapter reports on their annual meeting held in June at Westford, Massachusetts, and the North Central Chapter news includes photos from the Chapter's recent meeting in Wisconsin.
  • SECTION NEWS — The RSO Section is seeking volunteers to participate on a committee being formed to develop the Section Website. The Governmental Section has reorganized and held a session at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. That session is highlighted in this issue of the Newsletter.
  • The South Texas Chapter explains how they saved tax dollars while emphasizing science, education, and charity.
  • In the SPOTLIGHT this month, Eric Abelquist interviews Program Committee Chair Lynne Fairobent — the first in a three-part series that focuses on the "behind-the-scenes" annual meeting planning activities.
  • Two HPS Position Statements, "Low-Level Radioactive Waste" and "Clearance of Materials Having Surface or Internal Radioactivity" are published in this issue.
  • You'll find out how the Society is doing financially by reading the Treasurer's Report on pages 15-17.
  • In NEWS FROM THE NCRP, we reprint NCRP Statement No. 8, "The Application of ALARA for Occupational Exposures."
  • The HPS Newsletter has a new contributing editor, Gary Zeman. Find out more about him and his column, "Nonionizing Side of the Spectrum."
  • NOTES — We have more information about the upcoming Midyear Topical Meeting in Virginia Beach and the 2000 Annual Meeting in Denver; there were 26 new members during September and October.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS — the 2000 Gordon Research Conference is announced; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute invites applications for teaching and research assistantships leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees; the 12th International Intercomparison of Environmental Dosimeters will be held in the spring/summer of 2000 in New York; graduate educational and research opportunities are available at Clemson University.
  • CHP CORNER — Gary Kephart gives a summary report on the American Academy of Health Physics 1999 Membership Opinion Survey.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski tells about fall happenings in the halls of Congress.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — There are six pages of display ads, 19 short courses offered, and four job offers.

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