August 1999 Newsletter Highlights

The Health Physics Society's August Newsletter contains 36 pages of great information and photos covering a wide range of topics including the following:

  • COVER — This month's cover story highlights one of the Newsletter cartoonists who just happens to also be a health physicist. Check it out!
  • Keith Dinger discusses thresholds and reasonable regulations in the EDITORIAL.
  • CORRESPONDENCE — Al Tschaeche disagrees with statements that Dan Strom made in the June Newsletter concerning the LN-T hypothesis—and Dan Strom responds
  • MEMBER'S POINT OF VIEW — Bernie Cohen gives his point of view regarding the linear, no-threshold theory and whether it's justifiable for regulatory purposes.
  • Jean Saint Germain is the 36th Failla Memorial Award Lecturer — find the article and photo on page 8 in MEMBER NEWS. We've also included articles about George Xu and Roger McClellan.
  • CHAPTER NEWS — The South Texas Chapter gives an update of events that took place earlier this year.
  • On page 10, read how YOU can change your membership information via the HPS Web site.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — The Publication Committee has been busy appointing a new Editor-in-Chief of the Health Physics Journal, a new Director of Special Publications, and reappointing the Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter. Find all the details in the Newsletter on page 11.
  • In AGENCY NEWS the NRC announces improvements to the public petition process and you'll be able to read about Greta Dicus being named Chair of NRC.
  • In NOTES you'll find:
    • the list of delegates to IRPA-10;
    • a note about the upcoming 33rd Midyear Topical Meeting;
    • information about the "Bridging Radiation Policy and Science" Conference to be held in December;
    • the names of 24 new members of the Society; the obituaries of Gerald Kerr, Chris Johnson, John Tolan, Joyce Davis, and KZ Morgan; and
    • the new title selected for the HPS Annual Meeting.
    • The Terrill Seminar is scheduled for 22 October.
    • The National Academy of Sciences announces the BEIR VII Project and we have the list of committee members, specialties, and affiliations.
    • The University of Texas is looking for HP Journals. If you have Journals to get rid of, read this article to find out what to do with them.
    • The NEA has a new Bulletin available. You can read about it on page 23 of this Newsletter.
    • Tim Martinson tells what will be happening at the 10th Eberline User Group Conference to be held 27-29 July at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  • Start thinking about the 2000 Summer School — contacts and info are on page 23.
  • In the CHP CORNER, Nancy Kirner replies to someone who is curious to find out the reason that the CHP exam continues to coincide with the first day of the HPS annual meeting.
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Liz Gemski discusses the passing of the FY 2000 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill by the Senate.
  • There are 21 display ads, 18 short courses, and four job offers.

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